During the holidays sometimes one does not know what

to do  to pass the time.  Sometimes a little light reading

is useful.  So I picked alittle book to read.

I got this book at a conference and there  was an article

on the topic of GATS, the General Agreement on

Trade in Services.  Signing up to this means letting the

market decide., reducing taxes, decreasing public

spending for some.  A mindset which calls

everyone customers.  It is this agreement around the

world which decides on the models used.  It as been

in operation for afew decades under slightly different

names and is law in which ever country signs up to it

The World Trade Organisation requires all those wishing

to be members to sign up to GATS., without which

markets are not easy to get into by those countries

who are not members.

Sounds simple just another trade agreement,

does’nt it?