The study of history someone once said, can tell us

from whence we came, how we got here and where we

might be going.  The need  to improve health and

 social conditions are the topics which have been

uppermost in the development of man and the  various

civilizations thoughout history.

The Global view of the these topics is  similar now as

it was in the past.  The poor in every country are

least able to comment on their condition, yet suffer

the most inequality.

The World Health Organisation indicates in its

Commission on Social Determinants

of Health, that it is in an Holistic approach in relation

to governing ,that there can be an improvement in

in individuals  lives, work and survive rate.

Of course this brings into focus many aspects of life

locally, nationally and internationally to encourage

the use of resources to benefit all, not just maintain

the status quo.

Seeing the TV, listening to the radio, the news

of world events seems nearer than ever before.

Not for most people in for instance western

Europe, just a newspaper to read as in the 19th

century.  But then most citizens could not read,

there are millions today who also cannot read.

Even in the developed countries so called, the

spread of an elite type of society is often encouraged.

And there is alot of polarization of society.

In the 1970’s an article was written on the

“Underclass”, in Britain in a major newspaper.

At that time it was difficult to say who these  individuals

might be.    Could that be true now.Is it nature or

nuture.  A question a great Dane such as Hamlet

might have asked, along with many other questions

on economics, building for the future how can the

present world problems be addressed, where the money

comes from and where does it go, what is the future

for the millions who don’t even have a roof.

All social determinants.