The weather is the big topic of the day.  Everywhere

roads, are difficult, pavements dangerous.  Schools closed, 300 in

one area.  The Border country near Scotland have been advised

only to travel in life and death situations. 

Most of Europe is freezing.  The weather is due to

the negative situation of lack of the warmth from the

gulf stream, and the winter weather closing in from the

artic, and the icy Steppes far to the East where

such weather is typical for this time of year.

Yet the sun glinting on the white countryside gives

a freshness to the air and a sight of winter beauty.

refreshes the soul.

The other day I had to go out. 

A  Whiteout of snow  can cause a feeling of isolation.

Imagine what it must be like for someone  who is

dependent on other people e.g. carers, relatives and

other members of the health and social services.

It is necessary to anticipate the worst in some cases

individuals need people, before things.

No doubt someone will make alot of money from

very situation.

The developments in caring for all types of individual

which are now being reviewed perhaps need to

referenced, in regard to where priorities may lie,

and terms changed from customer to a more

empathic term.

Hearing on the radio of some individuals helping other

suffers of the cold indicates that community spirit might

be being encouraged.

I went out into the countryside the other day,

lovely scenes.  Trees with lots of snow, then drifts with

about three foot of the white stuff making pretty

pictures with footprints of animals trying to find food.

Then  a blizzard, the road getting covered and the

road getting covered and then passing a car stuck in

the hedge.  We travelled back very slowly, watching

for ice, hoping the gears would hold out.

Taking care to have a shovel and an extra coat in the

boot and food and drink, just in case.