The House of Lords scrutiny ability involves many committees one of which is that concerned with the EU and the many policies involved with the EU and the UK.

A Sub-Committee scrutinises EU documents and policy on:
• The Common Agricultural Policy.
• Animal health and welfare.
• The Common Fisheries Policy.
• The environment, including climate change.
• Energy policy—including EURATOM and energy efficiency.
Current Business
A report was published on 6 April 2014. after a call for evidence was made in August 2013 in regard to Food Waste regulations and the EU.
Another committee-Sub-Committee E covers EU documents and policy on:
• Civil and criminal justice.
• The EU’s institutions, agencies and other bodies.
• Consumer protection.
Current Business
(i) The European Public Prosecutor’s Office
A Call for Evidence was issued on 23 January 2014, the closing date for submissions was 21 March 2014.
With a Debate-on The Fight Against Fraud on the EU’s Finances taking place as follows with a debate in private and a debate held in public.1.20pm Private
1.30pm Public
Another debate in the first week of May in the House of Lords is entitled “No country is an energy island”.
Membership of this committees on the EU includes for example-

Lord Boswell of Aynho (Chair) Non-affiliated
Lord Bowness Conservative
Lord Cameron of Dillington Crossbench
Baroness Corston Labour
The construction of the said committees is more than four members but there is a balanced membership of individuals from all parties.
There are lovely red leather seats in the House of Lords, whereas the seats are green leather in the Commons.
Looking at the building inside and out its hard to imagine its just been there since about the fourth decade of the 19th century, so it is not quite 200 years old.The painter Turner was outside the night the previous building was on fire and gave us his view of the event in one of his great paintings. It also suffered bomb damage in the 1940’s with the House of Commons being rebuilt. Some things work well others need improvement, like life-its what you put into it.