To continue on the them of chocolate. I have noticed that it causes aggression in some people. Similar to beer infact. It might be just their funny nature of course.
When I was in primary school I did this project on chocolate and how it was made. I sent away for the information to Cadbury. They sent me some literature showing how the cocoa beans were grown and then the process of making the chocolate. I made a scrap book out of all this. I had this scrapbook for alot of years and was very proud of it. Every time I see the purple colour of the chocolate bars I think of this.
We also were shown by the teacher how to grow watercress in a saucer in water and nothing esle. She was good that teacher. At christmas we all planted bulbs she give some of us some to take home.
“Put them in a dark cupboard until you see the green peeping through.” So thats what I did. We got some lovely blue Hyacinths that year.
Education education, its about learning and encouraging someone to see the wonders of the world.
I now grow flowers and fruit and vegetables and trees.