Less noise from outside this week. Fewer cars, and people., must be all away on holiday.
So I tended the garden, lovely peach coloured roses, which I find delightful to behold.
Like watching nature programmes too and listening to birdsong. This might indicate that I am
a country person. But I was brought up in a big city where heavy industry was the norm, within sight of the sea. Yet I love nature, the countryside and the sea and I also like urban areas. I find the
joy in all these places.
The other day, I saw a mother duck with her tiny ducklings walking in a green space in the centre of a big city. If this is possible then we are doing something right.
Today I sat for five minutes watching a Bee on some plants. It was enjoying itself in the warm sunshine. The day is mild and warm, the slight wind slightly blowing the trees. The Bee which was not small, moved industrially about its business. Some of my plants are my own creation, in that I planted then from cuttings, others I have brought. So I basically know what some have had put on them, while others, I don’t. Sitting there I realized this and hoped that the Bee would not be hurt by anything in my garden. Health and safety is not restricted to people, but nature too.