The controlling factor in society is competition, competition in regard to buying and selling and
competition between people.When a child I often noticed how one adult would say they had
a new piece of furniture, then another adult would also add to the conversation with lists of
their new possessions. It seemed so silly, such destructive conversations. But now competition
is part of the every day life of the individual. Few people would get money from their investments
if competition did not exist. The need for a new hairstyle now gives way to the need for a
reshape of the body in the need to out do one’s friends in competition for attention from the
opposite sex, whether male or female. But one’s peers are also the judge for behaviour.
Few individuals step outside their role, which may have been dictated by a TV programme,
magazine or the example set by their family or neighour.
In the 21st century, in the western Europe at least, most people are healthy than before,
public and private health via food and shelter should stimulate a developed mind and body
which is more advanced than the previous hundred years. Individuals should look better,
be more active longer, and since there is such mind stimulation, should be more able to
analyse and understand. This maybe true in regard to some individuals, but competition
demands a stereotyping of features in regard to all roles. Thus their is a strategy of
uniformity and an indepentant viewpoint is submerged. Individuals are few in a world which
demands and needs a collective identity to maintain the status quo.