Read a quote by Rothbard (1970) recently, he considered that perhaps all government functions could be considered to be marketable. Its all about goods and services what the individual wants to fulfil needs.
Some recent history of the NHS.
1980’s-Contacts introduced via internal market in NHS- purchase and provider split idea being established by the government at the time.
The idea of Niskanan leading to the breaking up of some departments in to smaller units, forcing public services to compete for customers and moving from the idea of public service professionalism to more pecuniary performance measures.
The Costs of running NHS have increased according to some analysis from 5 to 15% due to admin. legal costs. This lead to the culture which even the deputy chair of Monitor indicated, that since the 2010 as lead to a win win situation for management consultants and lawyers.
1983 The Griffiths Report- suggested the bringing into the NHS, persons other than NHS administrators-from the business community and lead to a 1989 White Paper.
Payment by Results-resulting in fixed tariffs and eventually to Independent Sector Treatment Centres who were given 5 year contacts mostly 11% higher in price than contacts given to the NHS.
2010 Any willing provider was the term used to describe organisations putting in contacts for patients services, now the term is Any Qualified Provider and since small organisations cannot hope to put in contacts, it is the big ones who benefit from this and can use their influence thereby.
The NHS is one example.

In the 1950’s the disease polio was very prominent in England. An iron lung machine was a real threat to the lives of many. Photographs of these machines illustrate the fear that occurred in many families. Long tubes where the individual lay flat face upward looking into a mirror to see the floor behind them.
A world where the noise from the machine which was breathing for them, since the muscles to their diagram where paralysed, filled the air and discouraged conversion.
It is rare to see these machines in reality today and rarer to see a photograph of them. The disease was then eradicated of because of the Salk vaccine which was injected, and then given on a sugar lump. One of the many disease which occurred mostly disappeared from the United Kingdom during the age of the NHS. Though the disease is still the great killer in many parts of the world especially amongst the young when diet and general ill health is present due to poor conditions.
In 1948 free milk and vitamins were introduced to help develop the health of the children who had suffered rationing in the 1940’s and for the children yet to be born. Therefore when illness struct many were able to give some resistance. Health is a matter of prevention and cure and giving the knowledge to do so. The past can provide some information for the future.