At a few meetings recently the term “Lean” was used. So I have looked it up.
The ideas behind the more recent ideas on the term come from a car manufactures method of production. But the concept concern with the “Lean” idea goes back to the ideas of another car maker,Ford in 1924, the analytical tools encouraged by Taylor in what is now know as Taylorism, and the time and motion theories.
The term Lean was made by John Kraflik in 1988 in his thesis., and there was a book written by Womack, Jones and Roos on the topic.

The process of the “Lean” idea is based on the ideas of those mentioned but with more up to date adaptations e.g.the use of tools such as Value Stream Mapping and production levelling. VSM can be done by hand made mapping and can be helped with software called Micro Visio.(I think thats its name)

I understood the processes involved such as time and motion but this adaptation needs abit of reading to get the gist. Alot of jargon is involved which might be difficult at first. Anyway alot of the processes are being put into motion nationwide so the results will be soon clear. Maybe it means less people more machines?
Its simple message seems to be less waste. But there is waste and waste and we all are being told to recycle. Can people be recycled is this the process too.
I maybe late in getting to the gist of this system which seems to have been developing alot lately, but no one mentioned it before not in any TV or radio programme I have listened too. Or perhaps I did not realize.


Listened to the radio, heard about Food Awards,

given for  local food production., the snow closing

all roads except some main ones. Watched TV,

about two guns on a Greek island in 1940’s.

Thought that the film was slightly changed perhaps

to give it a modern view.  Most modern films use

less words than pictures.  It is a pictorial society.

Yet humans are surposed to learn to be themselves

via language and the words and language they

hear.  Perhaps this is the reason that there are problems

in the world, no one really listens.  Yet Neurolingistic

Programming is big business.  Shakespeare had a

line on many things and give many phrases which

some people quote.  I like the speeches of

some of the History plays, which are full of  illustrations

of language to suit every occasion especially those

involved with what might now be termed NLP.

“Smile and smile and be a villian”, is one such quote

while “look like the innocent flower but be the

serpent under it” is another.  How often could

such words be applied to many people in public life.

The media is full of them.  One needs to be a very

good reader of human behaviour to sort the chaff from

the wheat.  

There needs to be alot of wheat for the masses

to be healthy.