Everywhere one goes every one seems to be on

a diet.  Keeping the weight down, doing exercise.

Sport is encouraged to keep healthy.  Yet many

strategies aimed at keeping healthy,  combine

Area Agreements formed from National Indicators

concerned with the environment, health, education

and community safety.

But like everything esle it is the targets which must

be reached. The Local Authorities just commission

the services.  And of course there is a cost and

someone makes money.  Who can blame someone

for example, for providing services which just

increase health in the short or long term.

An advert on the television quotes places in the

world where permission is need to discuss ideas.

Some individuals might question whether it is in

the public interest to make a critical comment.

There are many community organisations which

encourage participation in regard to local events

for example Ward Protocals and Citizens Assemblies.

Here is where one can get information on local

events which might also include national events and

international events. Aleast it shows interest.

Questions such as what is a Patients Safety Panel,

what are the parameters of Statutory Instruments

how can these be used to make laws.  Sometimes there

seems alot of information and media presentations

but not alot of information is exchanged.

There are local ward committees, environmental

committees, citizens assemblies, patients safety

committees concerned with admissions and

discharges, and medication.  So there is much

to get involved with and find out about and talk

about but one does not hear much of these in the

media.  Surely we all have duty to be a friend who

looks after local, national and international events and

and not be afraid to ask questions.  This is not the

19th century, but sometimes inequality of wealth

everywhere, illustrates certain attitudes, which read like

a novel of Dickens, and the insecurity of the 19th century

seem  often to prevail.