The image is the thing.  Public Relations seems to

rule the world at times.  It decides style, opinions. 

Individuals in the public eye are often manufactured.

Stereotyping of the individual owes alot to such

manufacturing.  It  is amazing how music, films TV even

 can be used to form an image. 

 Unsuspecting we listen and don’t realizes we

 are being got at.  The words that are used and how they

are used can promote ideas and make us as consumers

buy any item they tell us.  Of course if you don’t

look like the stereotype, don’t like what

mainstream is doing to you or about you

that’s difficult.  But what is mainstream at one time

is not at another.  Take what one eats.

There was what was termed ‘rationing’  in the

1950’s , little meat, one egg two pints of milk

even bread was rationed though seemingly it had not

been in the 2nd World War. 

History tells us that the diet of individuals in Britain during that time was healthlier than at the present time.  The history books are short on the reasons for the rationing. Reasons  being concerned with a shortage of money in the economy and having to pay back a huge debt. Which like the present time had strings attached.

So now there is obesity. There is so much choice. 

A TV programme the other day showed how animals were farmed and the new generation produced. Numbers were great alot of money generated.  Wonder what effects such ideas would have on human production. 

There was a report called ‘The Black Report’ in the1970’s which indicated the social effects and deprivation and health conditions and diet was a factor considered.

‘We are what we eat’, so says a Chinese proverb.

 (Someone somewhere will be researching this.)

Or is this also a social marketing piece of

 branding.   The  new strategies talked about, don’t  seem

to indicate any form of social manipulation. 

Health and illness are connected to  food., the lack of same

and the content of it.

Or is it NLP.  It is all just fashion really.