The sights and sounds on the TV of Haiti cannot

but cause anyone to cry at the sight of the such terror.

Death is never a pretty sight and anyone who says

how nice someone died peacefully is totally an illusion.

We all become less aware of death due to the constant

repeated sights on films and TV.  Only if one works

in professions where life changing events occur regularly

can one get a glimse of the despair of humanity.

The sight of my mother lying dying, the light in her

eyes going out while the world went about its

business, not caring that part of one’s life was

fading was a personal experience. This is being repeated

 thousands of times in Haiti only in terrible circumstances.

The people in Haiti are many, seeing the bodies dehumanizes

the dignity of the individual.  The danger is that

 people become just numbers, not individuals who

care, think and feel and are not just a consumer product

to classify and stereotype.

The sight of a little girl being got out alive after nealy

a week under a huge pile of concrete, dusty but alive

brings hope of the human spirit and its ability to

survive.  We are a world community

with individuals.