I watched the documentary about Peter the Great and the Tsars the other day. To the surprise of those around me, I was telling the story before the historian on the screen. I had spent my youth reading about the history of Russia and the history of France and the Napoleonic Wars and lots more, I still do. Maybe it was because I don’t look the type to have such knowledge. Image is the thing.

I enjoyed reading about European History for O’ Level.GCSE, a topic few people liked, but I loved. You find out where we have been and where we are going via a sense of perspective-history is not bunk.

For instance, the TV production of “War and Peace” looks lovely, but the representation of Napoleon looked not quite what all the pictures and descriptions I have read indicated of that person. Here I am not being Lean. Perhaps history books written recently give more up to date descriptions?decmarch2010 292

Picture-Lighting the Roman Wall

Around here the great tourist attraction is the Roman Wall. History is making money nowadays everywhere. A big industry has grown where there were once, ships and factories.

The picture shows people dressed as Romans lighting the way along the Wall via  propane gas during the big “Lighting the Wall” event a few years ago.


In the 19th century, alot of people could not read or write, diseases such as Cholera and smallpox were common, then came the great reformers and their reforms. The Men and Women who had a social caring feeling for their community and society. Some were rich and used their wealth to benefit their employers for example Salt in Yorkshire, and even before that Robert Owen, and some were fighters of rights and knew only too well the problems of the poor.
In time though the problems were great and the individuals who saw only the worthy and the unworthy, yet made millions often won the battle and the health of the many nor the education were encouraged, the reformers made headway and parliament passed legislation to establish methods whereby the many would be educated and disease did not walk the streets where once only the rubbish of a town would exist to infect and cause illness.
A society developed which cared for citizens, in sickness and health and helped them to grow and develop.Mothers were given free vitamins and minerals when expecting, and at school milk was free to help growth and development. It seemed to be accepted that a good meal and healthy food helped develop the growing brain and prevent infection.
Saw some photographs of old milk churns, the other day and read of the way milk was delivered at schools in the 1950’s in England, when reading about history being taught in the national curriculum. wondered who knew of the history of the development of the society from the 19th century and would it be considered. After all such knowledge tells us where we have been, how we got to where we are now and How we will get to where we will go in the future. But I have heard alot of people say why bother about learning this, it is writing reading and arithmetic that matter – the three R’s. That’s also in Dicken’s too.

Holidays, lots of food sport and television.

What could be  new years resolutions?

Little news in the media, just films and Dr. Who,

Gavin and Stacey. And now the Sales.

I have just been reading a book on the Normans

and the lifestyle to be found in the 11th century.

The great cathedrals,   it was then that the first survey of people

was carried out., the first of many.  Reading history

books gives insight into how things developed in

time.  Man’s ability is illustrated in technological

developments some might say.  While the same

ability others might say can be seen in  human

nature.  Nine hundred years is not that long, in the  span

of human history.  The calendar, has changed during

that time, the means of work, and the   population growth

as been huge.  Maybe humans might reach the

planets, live on the moon?

Can’t help thinking that there will not be another

900 years of history to look back on.

Fear and dispute, control and power

and  competition are too greater  a threat. 

Sorry, these are the stuff of dreams everyone is told

to admire and seem to have always been admired.