It is easy to subscribe to many organisations via the local council website or just search the web. For instance, Highways England, or even Notification  of Infectious Diseases which gives lists of diseases and their numbers for the past two years can be obtained from the Gov.UK website, or go to the Parliament website where there are lists of committees a person can submit evidence in regard to lots of consultations.  Then there a person will  find a lot of updates in the inbox on a very regular basis.

Saw one person submitting evidence to a Parliamentary Select Committee on the TV news. An example of democracy in practise. A person commenting on their experience of the floods in Keswick during the Christmas Holidays. A real person getting involved in giving government a taste of real life and its problems.

The details in regard to getting involved and giving a voice to local and national problems are all their on the website. The internet can be used for the good of all. It has been mentioned in many places that online voting is the target in the future, and online use regarding health and the NHS is being pushed. A balance is perhaps needed since there are some people who do not use computers, and others who use then just to shop.

The use of the internet  and TV to illustrate how people can voice their views was good to see tonight-the start of the new year and perhaps the start of more involvement in this manner. Though the floods were a topic no one would want to happen again. The psychological anguish for many people will last for years -it is an economic conflict in more ways than one too.