Started the new year and community meetings the other day, going to the nearby seaside town where the Local Involvement Network representatives from around the region had
the monthly meeting.
The traffic was very heavy.,big lorries going fast, vans in a great hurry.
One sees that people might be keen to keep their jobs-keeping to time on deliveries.
So I evenually got there and gave apologies (I was late), everyone had had their cup of tea.
I was out of breathe and red in the face. Someone had a netbook and looked very professional, me I had a little red book. And started to jot down notes.
I have to give a report to my Links.
Sometimes it all sounds abit like a football league where some are fighting to stay in the league and others want to be the top. Like everything esle, competition is the word. Competition is what advertisers encourage to make us buy. Look at the sales, but once getting a bargain was the thing,now its how much one spends,like the footballers the more they cost they better they are surposed to be at playing the game.
Volunteers despite the Big Society title, are not in the same league according to the unsaid agenda. But a joined up idea which gives community a voice is very valueable, other countries and individuals have proved this to be true. True grit is rare,but does exist-look around the world.

There was a heavy frost this morning.
So the winter is coming and there might be a snowfilled festive season.
Flu might reappear, so watching the news on the Health Bill seems important.
The Gillotine, the process by which a bill goes through Parliament at a set time wherein it can be discussed, will not be used it seems in regard to the Bill. (due to rebellion fears and queries on the minister’s powers stated in the bill). This method of giving a bill a set time for debate of parts of it was developed when in the 19th century some parties in parliament would
talk and talk a bill out until there was no more time for it to get through a parliamentary session -Philabustering.
(sorry about the spelling)
So it maybe the new year now when the said bill gets to the next stage.
But then some might think this 19th century idea was not that bad, whilst others might think whats’ happening is democracy in action.
Since then we have had the 1948 Act and free teeth,free glasses, free orange juice for the babies, venture capitalists and care homes, informatics, the Lean process of management. There’s never a dull moment is there.
Keeping warm will also be important and with the maintaince cost of all those new windmills a new report says by 2020 we will be paying more than £2000 annually to keep out the cold on a cold winter night.
So we need to stock up on salt for the driveway and sugar. It seems sugar helps dissolve ice when the temperature gets to -10. (Thats what they going to use with the grit this year)