I read a lot of newsletters from those from the NHS, the Parliament newsletters and links, local voluntary and community networks. I connect all of these and find the story behind them. Listening to people is interesting too.

On a train I hear a phone call out to its Boss to answer it. Then the other day, I heard a friend ask someone who is the Boss in their relationship. Such ideas I thought went out years ago. But no, like being a snob it is making a comeback.

News from newsletters.

It’s Walk to School Week –  Living Streets is marking the occasion by calling on David Cameron to make the walk to school safer and easy.

On 30th April Defra produced a new Tree Health Management Plan.

The  potential  impact  of  Ash  Dieback  in  the  UK, is detailed in a report produced  by  the  Joint  Nature Conservation  Committee in January which  looks  at  the  ecology  of  ash  and  the  impacts  the  disease  will have  on  woodland  management.

The Society of  Wildlife Artists seeks submissions  of work that depicts wildlife subjects and evoke the spirit of the natural world.-The Mall Galleries.

,FROM 38 Degrees- officials in the US and EU are negotiating a hugely influential  trade deal which would put the profits of big business ahead it is said of our welfare, health and environment. Sue govt. relaxed consumer regulations-  Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership,

Disability Rights UK is working with Marie Curie to research the end of life experiences of disabled people, running a key  survey on their web site to which you can now contribute.  Marie Curie are also hosting four focus groups in each of the countries of the United Kingdom. 

Family Arts Campaign – a UK-wide initiative, supported by Arts Council England. There is the Voluntary Arts Week and the Family Arts Festival 17 October – 2 November 2014.

I went to vote tonight, maybe it was my imagination, but I thought the man taking my vote looked at me as if it was odd to see someone like me voting. I don’t think he looks at the Parliament website as many times as I do. Appearances that’s what its about. I don’t look the part. But there are a lot of actors who are not on the stage.

The National Audit Office is carrying out an investigation looking at three PFI waste incinerator projects to gain insight into the role of Defra in promoting value for money. Under its Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme, the Department has allocated £3.5bn in grants to 28 local authorities for waste infrastructure projects. This is just one of the many reviews on structures. and the plans of parliament. The many topics reviewed are varied and provided useful scrutiny of what is going on in the world.

Due to the 2010 Spending Review, budget cuts have been made to maintenance of the road network. These are to be examine whether the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency have delivered their planned savings of around £1.2 billion in respect of national and local road maintenance.

In April 2014, the 151 local health and wellbeing boards, which were established in April 2013, will submit final plans on how they will spend the £3.8 billion Better Care Fund from April 2015. The NAO will examine how well placed boards are to make the most of the Better Care Fund to encourage integration of health

In February 2013, the National Audit Office published a review of the UK Cyber Security Strategy, indicating Government’s plans to implement the National Cyber Security Programme with £860m of funding until 2015-16. Following this review and the Public Accounts Committee’s subsequent evidence session, the Committee asked the NAO to provide an update on how this was progressing.
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