Here is an example of the information on the website of the Office of National Statistics, just thought might be interesting. so much information on that website one does not know where to start. Like the website of Parliament. But these are the places to see what is happening. You can take a virtual tour of the House of Commons too. I have been around it in person three times.
“In February 2014, public sector net borrowing excluding temporary effects of financial interventions was £9.3 billion. In February 2013 PSNB ex was £9.2 billion. (excluding the £2.7 billion asset purchase facility transfer that month). This includes a £2.3 billion transfer from the sale of 4G spectrum licenses but excludes the £2.7 billion asset purchase facility transfer for that month.
Monthly net borrowing is usually volatile in January and February caused by the timing of income tax receipts. Looking at January and February together provides a more complete picture of income tax.
•In February 2014, no cash transfers were made from the Bank of England Asset Purchase Facility Fund to HM Treasury.”

Culture, Media and Sport Committee is to hold an evidence session on the work of the Arts Council (England) on Tuesday 25 March at 10.30am The Culture, Media and Sport Committee are having an inquiry into the work of Arts Council England. The first evidence session will consider the scope,how it makes its funding decisions. Evidence will be taken from a former Chair of the Arts Council and the three authors of a recent report, “Rebalancing our Cultural Capital”. The latter looked at the geographical distribution of funding for the arts. For all authors artists all over the country.