In the 19th century, what were called the Peelers came into being. These were not pole dancers in exotic clubs, but the forerunners of the present day police force in England.
The name was obtained from the man who formed them Sir Robert Peel, the Home Secretary who was responsible for law and order in the country at that time.
The word “Bobby” also comes from the said Robert Peel. That politican was also later to be Prime Minister, one of the Prime Ministers of England in the 19th century.
The force so formed lead evenually to the present policeman of modern Britain.
Crime was high and the said force of Peelers lead the way to control of the city streets, the city being London. The dark and fearful place so well illustrated in the books of Charles Dickens.
The writer is associated with the poverty and more living conditions of that century, and illustrates more than any other perhaps the haves and the have nots of his time.
The overcrowding in the city of London, the health problems, and the grime associated with lack of care and welbeing of the populace, until the Public Health acts came into being.
It was a John Snow who discovered the cause of Cholera for instance, realising it was the water from a well which had caused the epidemic which killed many not the mist in the atmosphere. But then it was not until the 20th century and the Clean Air Acts which stopped the London Smog which caused so many to die in the 1950’s due to chest diseases.
Life in big cities was not also so clean and full of wine bars.