Holidays, lots of food sport and television.

What could be  new years resolutions?

Little news in the media, just films and Dr. Who,

Gavin and Stacey. And now the Sales.

I have just been reading a book on the Normans

and the lifestyle to be found in the 11th century.

The great cathedrals,   it was then that the first survey of people

was carried out., the first of many.  Reading history

books gives insight into how things developed in

time.  Man’s ability is illustrated in technological

developments some might say.  While the same

ability others might say can be seen in  human

nature.  Nine hundred years is not that long, in the  span

of human history.  The calendar, has changed during

that time, the means of work, and the   population growth

as been huge.  Maybe humans might reach the

planets, live on the moon?

Can’t help thinking that there will not be another

900 years of history to look back on.

Fear and dispute, control and power

and  competition are too greater  a threat. 

Sorry, these are the stuff of dreams everyone is told

to admire and seem to have always been admired.