I submitted a contribution to the Parliament competition for a Preamble to a written constitution in October 2014. I did not win the competition, but along with all of the submitters have been invited to the Palace of Westminster to meet the Constitutional Committee.
Here is my submission.
October 25, 2014 at 12:21 AM
“A voice for the people, a voice for the community. Giving those who are without a voice, the way to make a difference to help this and every generation to follow, create fairness, and equality and maintain liberty for all. Our constitution is a balance of what went before, it shows where we have been and what we have created and how we have arrived at the decisions of today, and shows the way to the future.
Balance the words and the deeds to the actions and using the law to illustrate right to each and every citizen without fear or favour and not for profit or fame but to endeavour to deliver all from the insecurity of bias and hatred. Showing no privilege or prejudice to anyone, but treating each citizen as unique to themselves and deserving to be considered so. The constitution shows and gives direction to enable trust in each decision and future proof the word of parliament and whose who try to establish a country where it is safe, caring and just.
This balance is then illustrated in national regional and local government and all the works of the nation for health education, and commerce. Giving the citizens the example of fairness and a just conscience to face the world and bring peace for themselves and each other on the planet, and showing empathy via reason, and reflection and discussion with accountability, clarity, collaboration, equity, and stability.”

We sometimes see items in newspapers, or hear them on the radio, sometimes we hear whats important or its over before we realize what is said. Here are afew items of interest perhaps………

FROM 38 DEGRees Last week….

As early as next week, health secretary will try to put plans through parliament which will give a new power to close any hospital in England – even if local patients and doctors are totally against it.

International Women’s Day …..
It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political.

In 1975, during International Women’s Year, the United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March.

The Joint Select Committee on Human Rights (JCHR)
published a report on the Care Bill, and recommended an alternative amendment, which would clarify that HRA protection applies directly to people using regulated care services that are publically arranged or paid for by a public authority.

Items now on the NHS websites in regard to new measures and changes to the structure of the NHS…..READ MORE on The website.
These profiles published by London Health Observatory (LHO) provides an overview of the socio-economic determinants of health in each London borough during the economic downturn.

Understanding GMS changes 2014/15
April 2014 heralds major changes to the GP contract regulations including reductions in QOF indicators, new incentives for reducing emergency admissions, a named GP to coordinate care of older patients and changes to services for patients registered out of the area.
Enhanced service will support ‘accountable GPs’
A new “enhanced service” will support doctors in their new role as “accountable GPs”, writes the deputy medical director on the NHS England website.
Read more »
Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation
gives grants of between £10,000 and £30,000 for projects that:
a. Scope a new idea on a specified need or implement, new approaches that are already successfully applied in other sectors than community and voluntary.
b.Are relevant to their programme of work and meet one or more of the objectives in their strategic aims
c. Have a clearly articulated vision of how the work will impact beyond the project lifetime
d. Address and evidence a clearly identified need
In Areas…………..
Cultural Understanding
Fulfilling Potential
To find out more visit http://gulbenkian.org.uk/open-fund/fund.html
Sport England: Protecting Playing Fields Programme – deadline 24 March

This programme offers grants of between £10,000 and £65,000 to support projects that help communities maximise the sporting benefits of playing field land. To create, improve and protect playing fields by:
improving the condition of pitches
supporting the purchase of playing fields deemed at risk of being lost
creating playing field land (not less than 0.2 hectares)
bringing disused playing fields back into use
offering support to community and voluntary groups and local authorities to protect playing fieldsTo find out more visit http://www.sportengland.org/funding/protecting_playing_fields.aspx

Started the new year and community meetings the other day, going to the nearby seaside town where the Local Involvement Network representatives from around the region had
the monthly meeting.
The traffic was very heavy.,big lorries going fast, vans in a great hurry.
One sees that people might be keen to keep their jobs-keeping to time on deliveries.
So I evenually got there and gave apologies (I was late), everyone had had their cup of tea.
I was out of breathe and red in the face. Someone had a netbook and looked very professional, me I had a little red book. And started to jot down notes.
I have to give a report to my Links.
Sometimes it all sounds abit like a football league where some are fighting to stay in the league and others want to be the top. Like everything esle, competition is the word. Competition is what advertisers encourage to make us buy. Look at the sales, but once getting a bargain was the thing,now its how much one spends,like the footballers the more they cost they better they are surposed to be at playing the game.
Volunteers despite the Big Society title, are not in the same league according to the unsaid agenda. But a joined up idea which gives community a voice is very valueable, other countries and individuals have proved this to be true. True grit is rare,but does exist-look around the world.

In the cold winter nights ( and days) thoughts return to summer and how that progressed.
In the summer I spent time one afternoon in the local main library at an open day for the Local Links. There I spoke to many individuals explaining the advantages to them of being a member of their local Links. I encouraged them to get their blood pressure done at one stall, and their weight at another. Some were keen,but all were very happy to have the information.
Even the individuals at the nearby internet cafe, who were standing looking at computers and watching the events of the open day wondering if they too could take part.
With the new year there will be many new structures in the local provisions of health. So now events are being advertised to encourage local communities to get involved and express opninions. The local involvement networks will become Healthwatch in October 2012. This means a major change where Healthwatch will be the consumer watchdog and be part with the Health and Welbeing Boards of the local community focus on health. The plan for local health will be the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, a plan of local health needs.
Local communities need to have their voices and needs stressed to get into the JSNA-resources demand it so,because resources will be in demand.

The lights on the river with the Sage opposite were lovely- a cool evening with a clear sky. Then an old building where pottery was once made.
Had a bottle of water and sat down.
A local TV presenter then came to warm up the audience prior to the show.
A choir of mail and female singers gave their version of three songs. Homeless people who were brought together to form a company whose singing is great and lovely to listen too.
Then the panel came on stage David Davis, Jeremy Browne,Racheal Reeves and Matthew Parris with Jonathan Dimbleby in the chair. I put their names as they appeared before me from left to right on the stage.(no other intention meant).
I had put in a question but it was not used. “Any Questions” is concerned with the stories on the day of the exact day the show goes out. There were about six questions asked. St. Pauls, the EU, were amongest them.
Then it was suddenly over. There were drinks for some,(orange for me)and alot of talk between people and seeing the panel up close.
The actual questions were all connected-I wanted to say this-its all about society being safe- and feeling they matter and are listened too.
Listening is the thing.