This is the time of year to sit and read or watch

Dickens, snow on the waycold frosty mornings

lights everywhere giving a feastive glow.

Dickens wrote of poverty and death mostly.

Disaster and hope often, the ghosts of past

present and future.  Many expets in these things

say that all stories are based on afew basic plots.

An idea which includes the words of Shakespeare,

in its breathe.  Writers  often had to hide their own

opinions in the stories they wrote for fear of many

things and to encourage ideas in others which might

bring change for the better.  So in fact one could

say that all stories are recycled to some extent.

This of course depends on everyone being of the same

mind.  Thinking in the mainstream way, having no

comment which might be usual.  A collective view of

the world.,belonging to a group a team a class.

So what is an individual, what makes an individual

nature or nuture, the influences of media, family,

or education?

People like Chromsky, Bruner and Vygotsky indicate

that it is with language that we become who we are.

It is what we hear and who we speak to that we learn

the basics of humanity.  Words develop the mind, and

the personality.  One can even tell who we have been

speaking to by the words the phrases that are used.

Like Professor Higggins the expert from ‘My Fair

Lady’, people decide on who we are from the voice.

An accent can be a valueable thing, and rarely hidden.

It is a classification of an individual.  It gives hope,

creates dreams, provides companionship, when from

a small box in the corner, one can listen to a tale of

mystery and imagination.

A community needs a voice to give it hope, and

speak out for warmth and comfort in the darkness

of the winter months.  A study of the aspects of the

use of words and voices might be a useful commodity

for those planning the future.