Virletland is about events, comments and

how the community in which I am involved

is developing.

33 Responses to “What is Virletland About?”

  1. Vi Says:

    I am a painter and was an exbihitor in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition “Up Close and Personal” in 2006.
    I am also involved in the Arts Ambassador’s scheme of Vaengland.
    My blog name is a mixture of my names.
    My paintings are in oils and arcylics and a combination of imagination regarding the past, present and future in reds, blues. yellows and greens.
    I especially like painting the sea.

  2. Vi Says:

    I also write and am involved in community work such as the Arts Ambassadors scheme of Vaengland which is concerned with arts and crafts. Participation in regard to the community as many strands which includes discussion of the environment.

  3. Vi Says:

    I went to an event recently where community involved was high on the agenda. How to encourage people to get involved with what happens in their community be it geographically or if they are concerned with a community of interest such as a hobby in the arts and crafts.
    The idea is a national one, and local events are popular to encourage
    discussion and participation. Being a Community Voice is a volunteer
    objective in many areas.

  4. Vi Says:

    During the past week I attended some events which were concerned with community participation. One goes to these events in the hope of learning and encouraging ideas in regard to present and future developments concerned with communities.
    One of them was concerned with regional empowerment, one was concerned with health while the third had workshops on NLP and encouraging motivation in learning.
    What is NLP one might ask., this stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming.
    The words used to encourage and understand linguistic communication were demonstrated via a speaker who produced a lively involvement with those present.
    It is interesting to listen to individuals or media presentations to determine whether NLP may have influenced conversation or language.
    One aspect of language being that the individual illustrates with whom they might speak via the words used. The event was useful in regard to the vast use of communication and moviation in learning.

  5. Vi Says:

    There is now a development in encouraging local participation in the community which means that local citizens assemblies may be established. In such assemblies groups or individuals can comment on local interests and sometimes national topics which might have an effect on a locality. The structures of these assemblies is varied, but the idea is to give citizens a voice. Other structures are available in regard to giving
    individuals a way of participating, such as local Links boards concerned with health.

  6. Vi Says:

    This evening I stood waiting for a bus for twenty minutes in an artic cold wind after attending a local community meeting. I have been on five buses and one train today. I stood with my hood pull over my head trying to keep warm. Before I got the next and last bus home I went to a local shop got a big mug of tea and a big sandwich. I needed to prevent hypthermia.
    I started my day as a community volunteer activist discussing the attitudes of the voluntary sector and intregated working between services.
    Then I had to leave the meeting early to get to my place of work five mile away across the city.Then I walked about a mile, with hair blowing in the wind.
    The next meeting concerned the social and health structures for older people. There was great discussion and concern and I left wanting to say more, but again I had to leave early to get to the community gathering about education. Trying to fulfill the idea of integration and coordination between all these factors and encouraging participation in the community
    needs determination.

  7. Vi Says:

    The other week I felt as if I was suffering from hypothermia on my tour of the town. Some people think it very strange that since I have a car I should be using that. It seems daft not to use public transport when in a urban area which has alot of interlinks between train and bus. But what the media seems unaware of is that public transport is unfashionable and most people have perhaps never been on a bus since their school days.

    I try to connect the many aspects of community life with what I see during my participation in many groups. Participation in the community is not just about local events but also particpation in the arts. Everyone seems to be a watcher not a doer. The marketing encourages this.
    Individuals seem to be nervous of exploring their own abilities to be creative for fear of not being accepted.
    I wrote a poem about the idea of self having difficulty in expression.

    It was once said be true to your self,
    But often one cannot find this self
    To which one must be true too.
    Nor know who or what this self is.
    Therefore not knowing one cannot find and will
    not dare go forward where it might lead.
    The self is hidden there, but where?

  8. Vi Says:

    I went 93 miles today to discuss local health care with volunteers from 10
    other towns in the area. Spent 2 hours talking then came home. I have to write the notes up and inform the other members of the committees all in the name of keeping the idea of particapation and community involvement.

  9. Vi Says:

    It seems that there are alot of individuals giving individuals advice at this time of concern. One could imagine from the kind of advice given, that the Brave New World of A.Huxley was indeed not of the imagination.
    It needs a sense of the ironic and belief in the best of people to maintain a faith in the betterment of what one does in relation to the community.

  10. Vi Says:

    I am a Tree Warden and an Arts Ambassador. These roles involve encouraging folks to take an interest in the environment and to express themselves via participation in the arts.
    Going out today I noticed the lines of trees in blossom. I had just heard
    a programme on the radio about the traditions in Japan when the first
    blossoming of the Cherry Tree occurs and there along the road as the bus took me to town the white blossom of row upon row of Cherry Trees
    heralded the day. I said to someone ‘is’nt that beautiful’,
    ‘What?’., was the reply.
    I just had to say,
    “If you can’t see, I’m not going to tell you”.
    How much do people really see of the environment, such lovely visions
    are often missed. Perhaps painting such a scene would bring much pleasure to the painter and others via being food for the soul and enriching. Everything is connected really.

  11. Vi Says:

    I went to a training day for domestic violence today. It lasted all day, full of talk and discussion about peoples lives and the effect on each generation. The connection between how an individual views the world and developments into the person they are depends on a feeling of emotional security from birth, everywhere in the world this is getting harder to find for many individuals.
    I then went to a talk on education about five miles away form the first event. Then to see an older person in the community a relative of someone I knew just for a chat. Mixing all these things up together one see’s many views of what is emotional security and what is affecting the lives of individuals in the community. Most just want to have someone to talk to depend on and trust.

  12. Vi Says:

    I am alittle tired today. Ideas and beliefs are fine, but a person does get tired. Motivation then tends to need extra encouragement.
    The community is not just the small area where one lives. Sometimes this is a difficult concept to understand.

  13. Vi Says:

    On Sunday I got the bus into town at 9.30 and arrived to be told that the
    meeting I was to attend started at 2pm. I had just come back from a trip
    on a train which took me 200 miles within twenty four hours,( the night before). So I got the bus home then back at the proper time.
    A relative when this was mentioned started to laugh and demand to know
    why I was so daft. The relative is not really unkind, but the concept of doing all this to further the development of community involvement was not apparently considered sensible.
    Volunteers are just individuals who give out cups of tea.

  14. Vi Says:

    I was sitting at a table in a room full of people listening to a speaker saying about ‘volunteers’.
    “Write on the sheet in front of you the roles and benefits of volunteers to any organisation”.,this was the instruction.
    I took up the pen.
    “Cleaner”, came the first comment.”thats’ one of the roles”.
    This from a person who worked in the community/voluntary sector.
    “Not everyone makes tea you know”. I said with a great sense of sadness. The many aspects of the Third Sector and community participation,being involved with local networks to encourage interest in local events regarding education and health and Local Area Agreements
    seemed not to be on the agenda of the individual quoted.
    Or perhaps she did’nt like my accent. Not posh enough.

  15. Vi Says:

    Amongest the things I am interested in are the creative arts.
    Via encouraging individuals to participate in local communty projects and
    involvement with education and health and the environment, I hope to
    encourage individuals to reach their full potential, by being more creative.
    That is why I am involved with Voluntary Arts England.
    I had a day out driving along the coast. Seeing the clear smooth sea and the wild white clouds racing through the sky, one could only marvel at nature. Trying to capture such sites in words and paint can only bring pleasure to the soul of those who try and those who witness their efforts.

  16. Vi Says:

    Trying to get a household machine fixed is not easy.
    The experts need to be called in. They will look at their error codes
    and tell you what’s wrong or get the script from the monitor and give you the right advice. But if the problem is not the usual stereo typical problem, where would it be in the manual?
    Does it exist at all? Did you invent it?
    Where does an analysis and critical thinking come into the equation?
    All this causes frustration which leads to discontent and all those other words which are unpleasant. Which are not in the customer service
    handbook. Perhaps someone should read a book on the science of society, or how to understand people.

  17. Vi Says:

    A poem on the science of society entitled

    He enters the room and sees the flies,

    mind just wants to swot them.

    Does it hit out at the world or the rich

    who parade their wealth and bought his few pence?

    Dreams of wealth and fame fill the mind,

    Dreams of bloody deeds and death are seen all too often

    on the screen. Hope and joy are not brought to view,

    The hardwiring the experts require.

    Want to appear on national TV, thats’ the bill to fill

    the mind, repeated and repeated.

    Take it slow or take it quick,

    Its only a little fly that gets the hit.

    Take a walk across the street, watch the step watch the lights.

    A bullit may find its’ mark or a knive.

    Let that anxious feeling run, give it a while it will come.

    In a bed now seen dead. Was the flu was it you?

    Was it a word that stopped the heart hurt the head.

    Who knows, use the knive find the cause, a machine would never

    be that hard.

  18. Vi Says:

    Some dates are special to you and every year you look back to why that is so. Might be a birthday or a date when you pass an exam.
    Time is a funny thing it passes without being there somehow. It is an
    illusion just a sign on a clock which itself is just made by human beings to give order to the world.
    One could say everything that is done is to maintain a form of order.
    This is not often the reason given but the cause usually.
    Human being have a great fear of the unexpected, the unknown, what is
    not seen in the near future. They look to and go out of their way to
    seek certainy and thus feel safe. This is the great anxiety that
    is used to control. It is often difficult for individuals to realise
    that their security is within themselves.
    This may seem alot of vague talk, but it applies to communities and society and the individual.
    There is a theory called the Copenhagen Theory which is concerned with
    to the Theory of Relativity. It indicates that it depends on from where
    one is observing something as to what the something might be or appear
    to be. That is a very general discription, but it the theory seems to
    apply to agreat deal of human endeavour. We are all part of everything
    but are only ourselves.

  19. Vi Says:

    Today 79 years ago an event happened that was life forming.
    So many things have happened since then. What will happen 79 years hence? Will the world still be around? What will the world be like?
    Perhaps the answer lies in the events of today. The here and now is the
    answer to the future.

  20. Vi Says:

    Travel broadens the mind so they say. So I like to read the local newspaper and watch the local TV news and listen to the local radio news
    when I go anywhere in the country it gives a clear perspective on what
    seems to be reality. Me being an artist perspective is important.

  21. Vi Says:

    It is the small acts of kindness that illustrate the human need to
    understand each other. Someone helping another person with a heavy bag,
    keeping a door open to prevent hurt to a small child, chatting to another person in a crowd railway carriage.
    The ability each person as
    to be kind and considerate unites society more than any piece of paper.

  22. Vi Says:

    The other day I was at yearly event having a chat. Then someone said
    did those of us sitting at the table realise what we had around the table. This sound alittle odd until the person explained.
    Sitting at the table were individuals who were of many faiths.,
    Church of England, Moslem,Roman Catholic, Quaker, Jevorahs Witness,a Jesus Christ Philosopher. We all looked at each other and smiled and
    continued the conversation about the food and the music and of course
    the weather. It was really nice. The community is made up of many
    things most of all a collective sense of humanity.

  23. virletland violetrook Says:

    Does anyone really listen to another person. Everyone seems to have their own agenda. The idea that society is an Holistic structure which is interconnected seems to have become a decaying idea. EAch sector is now happy to pursue their own aims and objectives. From the individual to the to organisations to the global idealogy, it is basically not what is best for mankind, but for the selfish aims of one structure or another. Funding is the name of the game and getting it the target.
    Organising aspects to fit in with basic targets is how to gain the prize.It is like saying that food is just food, a subject which is
    concerned with personal satisfaction. But this ignores that food is
    fuel for the body. Vitamins and minerals keep cells working, cells in the muscles cells in the brain. These cells and chemical processes of
    such items such as hormones keep the human being alive. Reduce the food
    or water to an individual and the change in personality is huge.
    The body gets thin, but long before that the personality changes and can
    show anxiety, stress disorientation. This may same an extreme example
    but the concept is not a difficult one to grasp.

  24. Vi Says:

    Forty years ago this week man landed on the moon. Yet are we any closer to knowing how the human mind really perceives.
    Empathy and humanity are rare characteristics and it is often a nice
    surprise when one discovers them. Surely the greatest discoveries are
    between human beings in regard to surviving the slings and arrows of
    outrageous fortune.

  25. Vi Says:

    I watched the TV programme ‘Coast’ tonight. The sea and cliffs of
    Normandy were shown. The sky and the sea looked so lovely and one
    could well understand how artists such as Monet could have loved the
    area. I visited there afew years ago. Yet the area as so much of France as seen much death in many conflicts. The fact that the land was
    once connected to the British Isles was mentioned.
    Now at this holiday season many people will be heading in the direction of the coast of France. Monet termed the expression
    “Impressionist” for his painting., painting an impression of the area.
    Then there was the news that the only soldier who was still alive and fought in the First World War had died at 110 years old. He looked frail and tired, many would say other thing?
    One can’t help but wonder who will be allowed to get to that age by
    2109.What with illness,lack of resources, war famine and such??

  26. Vi Says:

    Everywhere one goes there are crowds, everyone is on holiday. Though
    if society was more ideal perhaps the word holiday would disappear.
    It seems often that everyone is running away from themselves.
    A holiday is a frame of mind, not a place.

  27. Vi Says:

    Having pain is a serious thing, but pain is a
    warning a sign, a signal that something needs attention and should not be ignored.
    It is better therefore to realize that is happening than to ignore it.
    I have had pain in the gum for afew days. but
    this knowledge that it is something which is there for a reason is a help not a hindance.
    And of course the idea I then applied to how
    aspects of social development and community
    development often illustrates this reasoning.
    When there is discourse there is pain, it is a sign that something needs attention. The medical example should not be ignored. People react with anxiety to want and need,
    anxiety is pain only of a different kind.
    Often a more severe pain since it is only realised by the observant.

  28. Vi Says:

    Went to a Patients Safety group today. This allows individuals to have their say on topics of health and care and is concerned with the duty of care and participation which is being encouraged.
    We heard from an individual from a universary who encourages carers and service users to talk to students in training, such as nurses, psychologist, social workers.
    This provides students with first hand knowledge of the experiences of individuals who had used the health and welfare services.
    Case studies which are now in book form but who sit and discuss their experiences and answer questions.
    such individuals also help to formulate the types of assessment that the students undergo.
    This form of connection is surely a vivid insight into the reality of professional development for all concerned.

  29. Vi Says:

    Links meeting today. Encouraging people to get involved is not easy. Many feel nervous to express ideas and opinions. It is easier to go the the sales.

  30. Vi Says:

    The holidays are nearly over, there is a mass
    of people everywhere. The roads are more
    crowded, the supermarkets have bigger crowds.
    People are doing their gardens for the autumn.
    The new prospect now is for the shopping at
    Christmas. There will be cards in the shops
    this week probably in regard to that season.
    Such a stereotypical process, but we all must
    get in the grove?????
    The System analysis process is everywhere.

  31. Vi Says:

    On Saturday night I watched a film about young people learning to dance. It was a very nice film which had a message of hope to
    a poor group of people.
    What the film was really about was a situation where the individual was not valued and the environment, education health were ignored.
    It was also a warning in regard to ignoring
    these aspects. Any reduction in the funding
    of items of need such as education, health and the infrastructure will result in, not the comfortable lifestyle that ‘seems’ to
    surround individuals but the whole of the
    structure of society. It will be left open to an ethical structure which depends on the
    survival of the ruthless. The fittest in this case will have nothing to do with Darwin’s Theory.
    It is nice a film can give hope of a sense of humanity existing, and that humanity can

  32. Vi Says:

    The dreams of a poet.

    Light and shade,the thoughts come.

    But what is seen is not so clear.

    See the sun, and see the snow,

    How much do we know.

    Regenerate the mind with sights and sounds.

    Keep going despite the fears.

  33. Vi Says:

    Sometimes one really feels one is just a token. There to tick the boxes so that organisations can get the funding. Comments are not listen to, it is the others who are
    given the respect. The others being those who get paid to guide policies.
    Community Volunteers are token individuals who can illustrate the community is taking part but who can be ignored and replaced.Some might be genuine others might be happy to give agreement to all ideas and schemes. One often thinks that all comment is considered to be critism and anyone who
    gives comment is a ‘loose canon’ and must be
    avoided. It is just the ‘yes’ people who are appreciated.
    This is the reality at times, but sometimes one does feel a difference is made, or at least can be made. It is the trying to do this that is important. Though it is often a lonely path one trends.

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