Lots of talk, films and shops on the holiday bandwagon. Sun and sea, the cruise ships and delayed flights. August is the month when everything seems to slow down or even stop. When another world beckons the weary to forget, at least for a week or two.

Listening to the radio and non stop music can convince the mind that all is really well. Yet flick the switch to a radio station where tales of starving people, guns and protests are the stories and all does not seem well. But then the switch can be turned back to the music again. Sometimes the radio gives an insight into the unseen sights of places which welcome the visitor with wine and sunshine, the sights of untold sorry.  Reasons for the wealth of some places and the poverty of others lies not in the money from tourists but from the sweat of individuals digging in the hot sun for a few pennies while others take the fruits of such individuals labour and turn it into millions.

Perhaps on a lazy hot sunny day at home or abroad listening to a perhaps unfamiliar sound of voices on a radio who describe how other people live can give insight into the real world out there in the heat haze where one person can be paid less than £7  per hour even in the wealthy West ( £2 or less in many other place on the planet)and another person more than £20k per hour.