“The Worlds a stage”. Shakespeare’s words, so true. The actors and there roles are seen every day via the media.

TV shows us the roles people play not just in drama productions but in everyday life.” The seven ages of man” another well known line from the Bard. The other week was the big anniversary and now there are productions everywhere of the plays which were put on at the Globe Theatre 400 years ago. The plays tell us of rage, love, hate, manipulation, but one just needs to look around to see all that. What has changed or is changing. There is a mountain of research going on, people are making money from it. The facts and figures of our life. But a question might also be, how is the development of humanity in all this. Is the human brain any different to what it was in Shakespeare’s time? The emotions seem the same, the reasons for behaviour illustrated by the plays seem the same.

Yet there is four hundred years between the plays and this age of technology, when we have a computer in our pockets and can reach the other side of the world in a second.