I watched the documentary about Peter the Great and the Tsars the other day. To the surprise of those around me, I was telling the story before the historian on the screen. I had spent my youth reading about the history of Russia and the history of France and the Napoleonic Wars and lots more, I still do. Maybe it was because I don’t look the type to have such knowledge. Image is the thing.

I enjoyed reading about European History for O’ Level.GCSE, a topic few people liked, but I loved. You find out where we have been and where we are going via a sense of perspective-history is not bunk.

For instance, the TV production of “War and Peace” looks lovely, but the representation of Napoleon looked not quite what all the pictures and descriptions I have read indicated of that person. Here I am not being Lean. Perhaps history books written recently give more up to date descriptions?decmarch2010 292

Picture-Lighting the Roman Wall

Around here the great tourist attraction is the Roman Wall. History is making money nowadays everywhere. A big industry has grown where there were once, ships and factories.

The picture shows people dressed as Romans lighting the way along the Wall via  propane gas during the big “Lighting the Wall” event a few years ago.