The saying that “all the worlds a stage” is illustrated by how the media is so much part of everyone’s life. Half a millennium ago citizens were given insights into the workings of government via plays in open style theatres which cost a few pence to attend. The poor stood of course, while the rich could afford an on stage seat. Now we have the stage in the living room either a TV or a computer and many more citizens can add to the discussions via social media.
The workings of the Palace of Westminster are discussed daily on the TV, and even a newsletter can be obtained showing the daily work, for example here is a list of just a few of the committee meetings and discussions held in the past we
1.Environmental Audit Committee calls for halt to fracking
to amend Infrastructure Bill as fracking incompatible with climate change targets
2.Scottish cabinet secretary to give evidence on inter-governmental relations
26-01-2015 10:52 AM GMT
Lords Constitution Committee to hear from Scottish government, committee chairs and officials
3.MPs Mersey Gateway Project and Tyne Tunnels examined
21-01-2015 01:25 PM GMT
Committee holds evidence session on two new crossings for strategic river crossings inquiry
Tweets from Westminster too-And then there are Tweets, even the House of Lords gets in on the act……
RT @LordsArcticCom: Video highlights of the recent schools #ArcticDebate are now available at:
#ArPeers press govt for progress report on the teaching of foreign languages in #schools. Watch now @educationgovuk
And as you can see all can be watched via video links.
This is all very good and educational, but should we be a nation of just watchers and not doers. Action and Words someone once said, the same person who said about the worlds a stage. Its all part of being a citizen and participating. DSC02955