The State Opening of Parliament happened this morning.  It  often DSC00298

occurs in October, but there is a shorter time to get legislation through since the general election is to be  May 2015-so they need to do a lot of talking?

Below the Queen tells her Lords and Commons what that legislation might be. Just before this the Commons are summoned by Black Rod who walks to the Commons and has the door shut in his face- indicating that the Commons are independent of the Lords and Monarch and will not be commanded. This springs from Charles 1 and his demands on Parliament.


DSC00314 DSC00300Seen on BBC TV.

The Commons then walk to the House of Lords to hear the Queens Speech-the tune and words are put together by the political party in power.

This year the topics are giving free school meals to all entrants to Primary Schools, new planning laws allowing more new building, encouraging small business, making it easy to for Fracking near homes and introducing a 10p charge in England for plastic bags-to protect the environment.

The glamour of the royal event and the plain suited members of parliament are in great contrast with each other.  For the Queen she has been  this for six decades, so much she must have seen. The words in the Speech say it is to produce a fairer society-other details of the Speech indicate reform of structures regarding members of parliament and Europe.

I wonder how many people watched the event on TV, it is important-to connect the past with the present and the future.  Its all there one just needs to look and listen.