It seems everywhere online there are organisations and individuals commenting on topics of public interest.

Chief Executive of the Patients Association, said,
“It is  unacceptable that a two week waiting time to see a GP maybe going to become the norm, “

“38 Degrees” are collecting names for a petition regarding private firms and social service provision.

Not noticed any comments on the topics seen on the web and social media being relayed by the TV very much. There is so much information for example on the Parliament website there could be a complete series on the TV on how Parliament works.  I know there is a channel where one can view discussions and debates, but the real work could be given an in depth structure and used to teach the public how it is all put together and legislation works.

I attended a Parliament Outreach session awhile ago on the workings of the European Parliament.  These sessions go on around the United Kingdom-they need more publicity. I also studied what was called British Constitution for a GCE examination. People were not impressed, but then it is a very useful subject in which to have some  knowledge. Education is not only about reading about a topic but having experience in real life, whereby one can apply it and connect it to events. An holistic view of the world.