The other day I did watched a teacher helping a primary school child to learn to read.
We spoke of the pictorial representations of literature and how reading is often replaced by viewing. I meantioned about Shekespeare and how I first started to read the Bard.
At the age of 10 I got a little red book from the local library “Hamlet, the Prince of
Denmark”, and then read all the great speeches sitting in bed before I went to sleep.
I received the whole of the canon in a birthday book from my parents and enjoyed
Richard 111, Macbeth and a lifelong love of words had began.

I recently watched “TimeTeam on TV when they were digging at the New Place Site in Stratford. This prompted me to write a poem for the RSC Friends Birthday Party to be
held at the local Theatre Royal. Nearly every year for the past decade I had composed a
poem about the Bard and read it during the Friends presentations of poetry in April.
Unfortunately this year, illness prevented me from doing so. But here is the poem I wrote. It just continues the tradition for me and continues my enjoyment of Shakespeare to celebrate his birthday.

Time goes by, the clock ticks,
birth, life and then decay.
But words linger in the mind.
Scenes of life and wonder.

The span of life is long or short,
yet in a word is found the reasons
for existence.
Men and women journey on, even when
their life is gone.

A play can illustrate the way life goes,
a voice from the past can lead to the future.
The Bard lives on in every scene,
Whenever someone speaks the speech.
time flickers in air, the breathe
of generations finding voice there.