In the cold winter nights ( and days) thoughts return to summer and how that progressed.
In the summer I spent time one afternoon in the local main library at an open day for the Local Links. There I spoke to many individuals explaining the advantages to them of being a member of their local Links. I encouraged them to get their blood pressure done at one stall, and their weight at another. Some were keen,but all were very happy to have the information.
Even the individuals at the nearby internet cafe, who were standing looking at computers and watching the events of the open day wondering if they too could take part.
With the new year there will be many new structures in the local provisions of health. So now events are being advertised to encourage local communities to get involved and express opninions. The local involvement networks will become Healthwatch in October 2012. This means a major change where Healthwatch will be the consumer watchdog and be part with the Health and Welbeing Boards of the local community focus on health. The plan for local health will be the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, a plan of local health needs.
Local communities need to have their voices and needs stressed to get into the JSNA-resources demand it so,because resources will be in demand.