Watching the TV, all sorts of comments on the present situation with the Eurozone, the cuts etc.
The worry is no one mentions that a social democratic society where employment is protected and full employment is the aim, with a social health system (NHS), and structures in place in regard to social promoted ideals, this is a closed economy.
It maintains the status of industry etc.
While the markets are not impressed by this form of economy.
The cost of production raises dramatically.
So for example in other models of economy the costs of production are constantly being revised according to reduction of costs.
The money follows cheaper production-low rates of pay, few employment restrictions,
a less than perfect health protected society.
Its all about waste and cutting costs basically.
So the programmes go on and on. Love the aspects of the interviews talking down to the audience. Its all pictorial. It is as if words don’t matter. Listening is an old fashion skill.
Was at a meeting on health listening to others talking about the new structures being developed. The words people use reflect who they might have been talking to or have heard. It is often a window into their mind when they express feeling unconsciously, by their very phrases. Even if a person is not being spontaneous, listening to what they say is illuminating.
And it makes the speaker feel they matter, when they realize someone is really listening. It illustrates a human condition of concern. Reading a script has not got the same attraction.