The lights on the river with the Sage opposite were lovely- a cool evening with a clear sky. Then an old building where pottery was once made.
Had a bottle of water and sat down.
A local TV presenter then came to warm up the audience prior to the show.
A choir of mail and female singers gave their version of three songs. Homeless people who were brought together to form a company whose singing is great and lovely to listen too.
Then the panel came on stage David Davis, Jeremy Browne,Racheal Reeves and Matthew Parris with Jonathan Dimbleby in the chair. I put their names as they appeared before me from left to right on the stage.(no other intention meant).
I had put in a question but it was not used. “Any Questions” is concerned with the stories on the day of the exact day the show goes out. There were about six questions asked. St. Pauls, the EU, were amongest them.
Then it was suddenly over. There were drinks for some,(orange for me)and alot of talk between people and seeing the panel up close.
The actual questions were all connected-I wanted to say this-its all about society being safe- and feeling they matter and are listened too.
Listening is the thing.